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We at COLLEGE CONSULTANTS NEW YORK invite you to peruse our website.  We are always making updates.

Our most recent successes include admissions and scholarships to Florida Coastal School of Law, University of Rochester Medical School, Georgetown, Cornell, and Wharton.

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College Consultants New York is based in western New York and committed to excellence in college admissions consulting services.  Our job is to assess, evaluate and advise our student-clients and their families on the admissions process at ALL levels of higher education pursuits, including undergraduate, graduate and postgraduate.

We also help student-clients with applications for Post-Doctoral fellowships and grants as well as other specialized consulting and career services.

Looking for basic advice? Check our pages on The Personal EssayDefining your goals 101 and Transitioning to College (for parents). Need our specialized consulting services? Great! We’re happy to help. Fill out the contact form below with all your detailed information so we can assess your needs. If we can help, we’ll send along a contract and get started. Click here to contact us.

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